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Absolute Care & Health on 14 December 2017

Having the conversation about in-home care

Having the conversation isn't easy, but you can't put it off forever. Here are our tips for talking to your relative about their in-home care ...

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Absolute Care & Health on 13 December 2017

Changing the landscape for caregivers

In-home aged care is becoming more important as Australians are living longer and staying in their homes. And there are significant opportunities for caregivers in the future of in-home care ...

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Absolute Care & Health on 12 December 2017

Private vs government funded in-home care

Are you considering in-home care? Learn about the differences between private and government funded in-home care and how to figure out which one is the best for you ...

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Absolute Care & Health on 5 December 2017

What is Consumer Directed Care?

Consumer Directed Care creates new options for those who need subsidies for aged care. Find out how you can use your Home Care Package to get aged care from a private service provider of your choice ...

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Absolute Care & Health on 28 November 2017

What is a home equity release?

A home equity release can be a useful way of accessing the value of your home to help pay for your in-home care ...

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Absolute Care & Health on 15 November 2017

Should I work in home care services or residential aged care?

Working in aged care gives you a career of helping people and building relationships. Choosing a career in home care services can be one of the most rewarding jobs in the aged care industry ...

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Absolute Care & Health on 13 November 2017

The devil is in the detail when it comes to Home Care Package fees

Care providers can choose the fees they charge, and we keep ours low, so you get good value for money. Here's what you need to know about Package fees and choosing your provider. ...

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Absolute Care & Health on 27 October 2017

What is spiritual health?

Most carers focus only focus on your physical health. But what about spiritual health? Read on to find out more about how our caregivers tend to your loved ones needs to promote emotional wellbeing ...

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Absolute Care & Health on 20 October 2017

How to use the My Aged Care website

If you're curious about applying for an aged care service, the My Age Care website is a great starting point. Read tips on how to navigate through this website and find the information you need ...

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Absolute Care & Health on 18 October 2017

Finding the right caregiver for you

We'll find the right caregiver for your needs depending on how much help is required around the house. Find out more about our flexible in-home care service ...

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