Empowering Our Carers and Support Workers

In line with our continuous efforts to deliver person-centred care to every client who is each in their own way, unique and deserving of tailored support, we regularly invest in client-specific training for their dedicated team of carers and support workers so that they can be fully equipped to meet the distinctive requirements of each individual client.

A recent training session was exclusively designed for the team assigned to the support program of a Transport Accident Commission (TAC) client who has unique and complex needs. As part of this training programme, we were honoured to host Trisha Dodds, a Community Spinal Clinical Nurse Consultant from Austin Hospital to shed light on the intricacies of supporting individuals living with spinal injuries. Trisha’s expertise and insights were invaluable to our Support Workers as she led an insightful training session.

Trisha Dodds

Trisha’s training encompassed not only the fundamental principles of spinal injury care but also delved into the client-specific nuances of care preferences.

This holistic approach ensures that our carers possess the knowledge and understanding required to offer tailored, compassionate care to each client under our supervision.

Hands-on training was also included – our Learning and Development Manager, Jordan Hume conducted the next phase of training where our carers’ skills are honed and competency assessed in areas like hoisting and manual handling, precise vital sign assessment, adept management of automatic dysreflexia, and proficient execution of cough-assisting techniques.

Manual handling training

This comprehensive training serves as a cornerstone of our commitment to our workers’ development as well as to our client-specific needs. By providing them with a deeper understanding of the specific needs of the client they are supporting as well as the necessary skills to address them, our support workers are empowered to perform their duties with confidence and precision. The result is not only safer care but also a profound commitment to person-centred practices that resonate throughout our organisation.


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