Absolute Value Award

Announcing our Absolute Values Awards

At Absolute Care & Health, our core values are not just words; they form the foundations of our organisation. They guide our actions, decisions and shape our work culture.

Each quarter, we highlight individuals who exemplify these values in their daily work. We’d like to acknowledge the recent winners of our Absolute Values Awards, recognised and nominated by their colleagues for their outstanding contributions.

Meet the Winners

  • Amanda O’Sullivan – Awarded with the “We Get You” recognition, Amanda’s ability to truly understand and cater to the unique needs of those around her is commendable. Through her actions, it’s evident that she genuinely gets the essence of those she interacts with.
  • Kira-lee Claire – Winner of the “Above & Beyond” award. Her commitment and dedication to her role, always striving to exceed expectations, make her an exemplary team member.
  • Jordan Hume – Recognised with the “Re-imagine” title. Jordan consistently brings fresh perspectives, proving that innovation is key to adaptability and growth.

Absolute’s Core Values

❤️ Above & beyond. Everyday.

❤️ Create belonging. Everywhere.

❤️ Re-imagine. With purpose.

❤️ We get you. Absolutely.

The Importance of Values at Absolute Care & Health

The idea behind the Absolute Values Award is to recognise and honour team members who integrate the Absolute Values in their work, as demonstrated through their actions and behaviours.

By spotlighting team members who resonate with our core values, we’re not just acknowledging their contributions but setting a standard for all of us.

A few reasons why these matter to us:

  • Culture & identity – Our values shape who we are. Recognising them solidifies our shared vision and purpose.
  • Encouraging growth – Highlighting exemplary behaviour serves as motivation for all, pushing us towards collective growth.
  • Team unity – Such recognitions remind us that we’re part of something larger, fostering a sense of community and togetherness.

Once again, congratulations to Amanda, Kira-lee, and Jordan!


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