Absolute Connect April 2024

Absolute Connect (April 2024): Building Bridges Between Field and Office Staff

We hosted our latest Absolute Connect event of the year at Code Black Brunswick, aimed at engaging with our dedicated field staff stationed in the northern suburbs. This event provided a great opportunity to strengthen our network, foster community among our team members, and enhance collaboration across the company.

The event saw a good turnout, with many attendees ready to connect and share their experiences. Our main goal was to create a valuable networking opportunity, allowing field staff and head office personnel to meet in person, learn more about each other, discuss any challenges, and brainstorm together on how to improve our services.

The event kicked off with an ice-breaker session, where everyone had the chance to talk about their experiences with clients and how their work makes a difference. This naturally led to sharing personal stories. These conversations set a friendly and cooperative atmosphere for the day, encouraging everyone to openly discuss their experiences in the field and any challenges they encounter.

Our HR team was also present at the event to address any HR-related questions and showcase upcoming training opportunities. We want to ensure that every team member feels fully supported and knowledgeable about their development opportunities within the company.

Next, we spiced things up with a trivia session that added a dash of fun to the event. We kicked off with general knowledge questions before diving into specifics about Absolute Care & Health policies. The trivia was not only educational but also injected a lively and competitive spirit into the day. A huge shoutout to Flora Bee, who won the trivia challenge with her impressive knowledge of our policies, winning herself a $100 gift card!

The highlight of the day was honouring Gift Tokbe as the Carer of the Quarter for her exceptional dedication. Gift consistently exceeds expectations, readily accepting any shift and traveling great distances without hesitation. Her commitment perfectly represents the values we cherish at Absolute Care & Health.

We are grateful to everyone who attended, participated, and shared their stories at the event. It was a truly rewarding experience that brought our team closer together and deepened our understanding and appreciation of each other’s roles. This gathering helped us to see the vital contributions each person makes.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Absolute Connect, making it a fantastic event for building connections. We’re excited about future gatherings like this, where we can continue to strengthen our community and enhance the services we provide together.


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