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Embracing Diversity & Inclusion at Absolute

At Absolute Care & Health, we believe our strength lies in the diverse fabric of our team. Every individual brings a unique perspective, and we recognise the importance of understanding and celebrating these differences.

Last month, we were pleased to hold our Diversity & Inclusion Training Sessions led by our external facilitator, Melissa Tinworth to continually deepen and reflect on our knowledge on the subject. We believe this is an ongoing process, and value regular training and dialogue in this space.

Why Diversity & Inclusion Matters

A diverse team reflects a broader range of experiences and ideas, and this drives innovation and progress. Beyond the mere recognition of these differences is the fundamental need to create an environment where everyone feels heard, valued, and respected – a true reflection of our Core Value to Create Belonging. Everywhere.

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About Our Diversity & Inclusion Training

Our Diversity & Inclusion Training is aimed at:

  • Educating the team about various aspects of diversity and inclusion.
  • Recognising and addressing unconscious biases we might unknowingly hold.
  • Promoting a culture of empathy, respect, and open dialogue.
  • Empowering team members to be advocates for an inclusive workspace.

Part of Our Fabric

This training is part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring a culturally respectful, diverse and inclusive workplace and organisation for our team members, clients and stakeholders alike. We’ll continually refine our approach, providing ongoing training and support to ensure our workplace remains welcoming for all.

We’re dedicated to ensuring every step we take helps deliver an inclusive and understanding workspace.


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