Patrick Flomo

Employee Spotlight: Patrick Flomo

Our employee spotlight lands on Patrick Flomo this month, our Employee Engagement Officer whose main responsibility includes establishing and maintaining relationships with new Carers and Support Workers while also overseeing part of the day-to-day coordination of shifts.

Patrick is responsible for overseeing the orientation of new Support Workers and Carers at Absolute, collaborating with the Care Coordination team to match them with suitable shifts. He ensures they have access to the support they need, be it extra training or assistance with the online rostering app. Patrick provides consistent point of contact for the newly onboarded Workers to settle into their role.

His favourite part of the job? No two days are the same. The unpredictability each day brings excites Patrick the most as he thrives on unique challenges, in particular, he values the opportunity it brings to work alongside a good team which, in his words, is “always willing to go the extra miles to give clients the best care and support possible”.

Patrick is focussed on continually improving engagement through regular communications, listening to and taking on board client feedback, seeking feedback from workers about programmes they work on and addressing challenges and issues as they arise.

Employee Spotlight - Patrick Flomo

Patrick finds Absolute Care & Health more than just a workplace – it is a cultural melting pot where “everyone is unique in their own ways”. He appreciates that diversity is not just accepted but celebrated here, and he values the learning opportunities that come with interacting with colleagues from various backgrounds. To him, coming to the company feels like “going to work with your friends and family” and it all feels “very belonging”.

Among all our company’s values, Patrick resonates with “Above & Beyond” the most because it’s something that he applies both in his professional and personal life on a daily basis. Speaking of which, Patrick is passionate about music and enjoys exploring his musical endeavours outside of work besides playing soccer during the weekends to keep himself active.

Patrick says he has had the opportunity to develop professionally since joining Absolute. He feels he has particularly been able to enhance his communications skills and team management and has become a much stronger ‘People Person’ able to engage with all sorts of different people. “I’ve had great mentorship from my own Managers here at Absolute which has enabled me to develop in this way”, says Patrick.

For those considering joining the Community Care sector, here’s what Patrick has to advise:

Have a proactive attitude, be opened to learning, and have strong adaptability.

These qualities, he believes, are essential for success and growth in all kinds of fields but are of particular importance within this dynamic industry in terms of bringing one go a long way.

Thank you for your invaluable insights, Patrick – they offer a glimpse into the heart of our organisation: a commitment to excellence, learning, and compassion where every team member plays a crucial role in delivering quality care and support.


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