What Is Spiritual Health?

At Absolute Care & Health, we are dedicated to your wellbeing. Taking a holistic approach to wellness, we are very focused on looking after the whole person. We understand that mental, physical, and spiritual health can all have a profound effect on each other.

We believe in enabling people to get the very most out of life – finding joy and a real sense of belonging in their own way. It’s for these reasons we believe spiritual health is so important. And we’re not the only ones.

Spiritual Health Victoria (SHV) is an organisation dedicated to enabling the provision of quality spiritual care in all health service settings. SHV is supported by the state government of Victoria through the Department of Human Services. For over 40 years they have been dedicated to the development of spiritual care models, policies, standards and guidelines.

“Spiritual care refers to any support related to questions about life’s meaning, depending on the person’s values and beliefs. It is much broader than formal religious practices. The kind of spiritual care required will differ for every person.” – betterhealth.vic.gov.au

It’s about your individual beliefs and views on life. When an individual has a sense of belonging, it can drastically improve their outlook on life.

Why spiritual health is so important

Our approach to caring is centred around your goals, lifestyle preferences and your idea of what a happy life at home looks like. Being healthy is not just about maintaining physical health, safety and comfort. Just like caregiving is more than just a job.

Looking after people and helping them maintain their independence can give them a sense of purpose. Sometimes all a loved one needs is a little help to find the things in life that bring them joy as they age and adapt to new lifestyles. When a person feels better spiritually, it can help them feel physically better too. When caregivers are there for you to provide physical and emotional support, it can make a world of difference.

How you can benefit

Staying connected and having a sense of purpose are essential for positive ageing and maintaining a holistic wellbeing. Providing mobility to someone so they can visit their friends and family is just one of the many ways we can help someone stay connected.

Simple tasks like caregivers showing you how to use Skype and Facebook can be a fun way to keep up with the grandchildren. Or making a cup of ceremonial tea and really taking the time to enjoy the experience. 

Going out and being part of the local community is always a rewarding experience. Do you love heading down to the local market, catching up with friends at a cafe, or seeing a movie? Our caregivers will take the time to find out what your interests are, what makes you tick and maybe even discover some new hobbies along the way.

Finding value in spiritual wellbeing

For some people, they can feel like they don’t have a purpose to life anymore or they feel like they’ve lost relevance to the world around them. Losing contact with people and places from reduced mobility, ill-health, and reduced finances can lead to depression and mental health issues. At Absolute, we’re all about helping people age positively and countering the impacts of these situations.

A helping hand, a friendly face, just having someone to talk to can make a world of difference. Emotional support can help someone recognise their place in the world. Taking emotional, mental and physical wellbeing into consideration, our caregivers are dedicated to fostering the human spirit for a happy and prosperous life.

If you would like to find out more about our services, call our friendly staff on 03 9827 8899 or contact us here.

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