How To Use The My Aged Care Website

My Aged Care is a great initiative for all elderly Australians looking for a care service. My Aged Care and its supporting website is facilitated by the Australian Government’s Health Department.

The My Aged Care website is a one-stop destination for queries and vital information on aged care services in Australia. This website is designed for anyone enquiring about aged care, whether it be the individual, a family member, or a medical professional.

Find out about how you can navigate through the My Aged Care site to get the information you’re looking for. To find out the answers to specific questions, click the links below to jump to their sections:

What aged care services do I need?

After landing on the My Aged Care website, you’ll find plenty of useful links to get you started. Do you wish to find out about the services provided by My Aged Care? On the homepage, you’ll find a list of the services available that include Help in your home (in-home care, After-hospital (transition) care), Respite Care, Residential aged care homes, and short-term restorative care.

How do I apply for care?

To start your application for a care service, you must call the My Aged Care hotline that features on the homepage. You cannot directly apply for a care service using the My Aged Care website. There is no online form on the website you can use to apply for a care service.

However, there is a general inquiry form you can fill out. You can use this form for any general queries you have about aged care services in Australia. This form can also be used to request reading materials or to provide feedback on your aged care service.

Any questions you have about aged care can also be answered by calling the hotline on 1800 200 422. You can use the hotline to find out exactly what type of service you need. From this conversation the team from this hotline can organise a care assessment for you.

The application process does not have to begin with a phone call. You can get a family member/friend or medical professional to submit an application on your behalf for a care assessment. This application can count as one of the first steps towards applying for an aged care service instead of using the My Aged Care hotline.

When someone else is submitting a referral for a care assessment, they must do it through the online form located on the ‘make a referral’ page. This online referral is another service that Absolute Care & Health can assist you with.

Am I eligible?

Another common question people ask about aged care is, “am I eligible for these services?” On the home page, you’ll also find an eligibility and assessment section. Here you’ll find information on how an assessment works as well as who qualifies for diverse needs and what those needs are.

If you have trouble navigating through these sections or want more information, you can call the My Aged Care Hotline for assistance. Alternatively, call us at Absolute Care & Health and we can help you understand everything you need to know.

Find out more: What you need to know about your eligibility.

How much does aged care cost?

After deciding on what aged care service you need, you may be curious to know just how much it costs. You can receive payments and financial support in the form of subsidies through the My Aged Care Service. You may also want to know exactly how much financial support you will receive so you can figure the cost of your care service.

It’s difficult to get an exact breakdown of costs for services like residential and home care. There are fee estimators on the My Aged Care website which can give you an estimate of costs. Click on the ‘Estimate aged care fees‘ link for access to these fee estimators.

If you need any assistance using these calculators, Absolute Care & Health team are happy to help. Our team are very knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to navigating through the My Aged Care website.

What do other people say about My Aged Care services?

On the home page, there is a link titled ‘see what others have done‘. This link takes you straight to a section of the website dedicated to people’s experiences using aged care services. Here you’ll find plenty of stories of how aged care services have changed people’s lives.

From this section, you’re bound to find a story you can relate to which can help explain how this service can help you. It can be comforting to know that services like this can make a positive difference. Spend some time reading these stories and see for yourself.

If you’re ready to take the next step, you have two options:

  • Call the My Aged Care hotline on 1800 200 422.
  • Alternatively, you can talk to the friendly and helpful team at Absolute Care & Health on 03 9827 8899 and they can happily answer any questions you may have about aged care services.

If you want to find out more about government funded care, you can read more about it here.

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