Should I Work In Home Care Services Or Residential Aged Care?

Working in aged care gives you a rewarding career of helping people, building relationships, and having a positive impact on the lives of clients and their families.

Within the aged care industry, there are many different types of jobs and facilities you could be working in, from residential aged care facilities or nursing homes to in-home care.

Find out what a career in home care services would be like so you can choose the right job for you.

Why choose a career in home care services?

In-home aged care is a growing sector in the industry as more and more people are choosing to stay in their homes as they age. It’s where they feel the most comfortable, and they need the right support and care so they can continue to live there happily and comfortably.

There are many advantages of working in in-home care instead of a residential facility or nursing home. You’ll have the opportunity to work very closely with your clients, either one-on-one or with a couple, and build strong connections with them.

In-home care jobs involve a high level of autonomy, and you need to understand your client’s thoughts and feelings, rather than just completing a list of tasks. Many caregivers say this is one of the most rewarding parts of in-home care jobs.

In-home care and residential aged care comparison

There are advantages and disadvantages of any workplace. For a truly rewarding career, you need to consider the things which are important to you and choose the job you want accordingly.

Here are some of the ways a career in home care services differs from other facilities:

In-home care jobs Residential aged care jobs
More independence and flexibility More routine and structure
Work autonomously with your client Other professionals on-hand to provide support
More one-on-one time with clients More clients with less one-on-one time
More diverse range of tasks More regularity and routine tasks
Quiet and personal setting Often busy setting

The best workplace for you depends on what you want to get out of your job and the kind of environment you’re most comfortable in.

Because every client is unique, there is a wide variety of tasks involved in home care services. Domestic support includes tasks like cooking and cleaning, while after hospital care and respite care involve managing a client’s specific care needs.

The benefits of in-home care jobs

If you have experience working in aged care facilities or nursing homes, choosing a career in home care services can give you the opportunity to develop new skills and create meaningful relationships with your clients.

The benefits of in-home care jobs include:

  • Helping clients stay in their much-loved homes
  • Less formal routine which feels more like ‘real life’
  • More one-on-one time with clients
  • Flexible working hours
  • The opportunity to develop your skills to work autonomously and independently
  • Help your clients with a more diverse range of tasks

Helping people enjoy a high quality of life in the homes they love is what makes careers in home care services so rewarding.

Working for Absolute Care & Health

At Absolute Care & Health, we are specialists in in-home care. It’s our sole focus as an aged care provider. Helping people enjoy health and happiness at home is what we’re all about.

We know our caregivers are at the heart of our business, so we put a lot of effort into finding the right people and supporting them in a friendly and caring workplace. That’s why we offer ongoing training opportunities and career pathways.

We are looking for caregivers who share our values and our passion for helping people. If you are patient, empathetic, and passionate, we want to hear from you.

If you’re interested in joining the team at Absolute, see our current job opportunities.

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