8 Ways To Help Ease A Parent Into In-Home Care

We all know getting older comes with its challenges and its highlights. With the benefits of knowledge and wisdom gained over decades of life experience, our parents can offer us a refreshing perspective on what lies ahead.

Everyone needs a bit of extra help as we get older, but this can be sensitive topic for parents who want to stay independent.

At Absolute Care & Health, we provide in-home care services which are tailored to your parents and their unique circumstances and preferences. Qualified caregivers will give your parents the support they need to continue living independently in their own home.

Read more about our approach to in-home aged care services, or keep reading for 8 practical tips to help you talk to your parents about the aged care options that are right for them.

8 practical ways to ease your parents into in-home care:

1. Assess their needs

Before exploring aged care options for your parents, it’s worth making your own assessment of their ability to care for themselves. Are they able to move around the house easily and carry out basic tasks such as making breakfast? If they’re still quite mobile and their memory is sharp, perhaps they only need extra help once or twice a week.

2. Assess your own capacity to care for them

Equally important to consider is your own ability to take care of your parents as they get older. While we all want to do the right thing by them, you can’t do it all, especially if you have children to raise and a full-time job to do. This is where the benefits of in-home care become apparent.

3. Plant the seed in their mind

If it’s obvious your parents require in-home care, the best way to start the necessary conversation is with a subtle approach. A good idea is to mention in casual conversation there are options which can make their everyday life easier in the form of extra help around the house.

4. Communicate openly

This is arguably the most important point. You need your parents feel comfortable so they can communicate their needs and preferences openly. Creating a safe environment where they can do so without feeling judged will be vital when discussing the delicate subject of bringing outside help into their home.

5. Make them feel in control of the decision

Which leads to our next tip – making sure they ultimately feel in control of any decision concerning their living arrangements and not ‘dictated’ to from above. The goal here is for them to view you as a partner with their best interests in mind, which you naturally do.

6. Explore options together

One of the best ways to make your parents feel in control of the decision is to explore possible in-home care options together. At Absolute Care & Health, we offer a wide range of services to suit your family, and you can read about all our services in our brochure.

7. Use ‘teachable moments’ to highlight benefits of in-home care

If your parents are still reluctant to accept an extra helping hand around the house, waiting for a ‘teachable moment’ when you can practically demonstrate how in-home care can benefit them could be a powerful tool at your disposal. For example, if they complain about being unable to clean, this is your moment to gently suggest how much easier their day will be with extra support from a professional caregiver.

8. Use successful examples of family and friends benefiting from in-home care

Sometimes a real life example from someone they know is what’s needed to change their mind. If you can think of any family or friends whose relatives have benefited from in-home care, gently highlight these examples. You could also read them testimonials from our happy clients and their family members who’ve enjoyed an improved quality of life at home.

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