Finding The Right Caregiver For You

Introducing a new caregiver into your home isn’t always easy. It can often be a very personal scenario. Here at Absolute Care & Health, we’re dedicated to providing caregivers who are sensitive to your needs. Everyone is different, and we understand that it’s not as simple as a one size fits all solution when it comes to finding the right caregiver.

Finding the best caregiver for your lifestyle

With every client, we carry out a care assessment with a registered nurse and a client care manager. During this time we find out more about your lifestyle, how you want things done and what you’re looking for in a caregiver.

There are many things we take into consideration when finding the perfect match. Are you more comfortable with a male or female caregiver? Would you prefer someone that speaks your native language? We have caregivers who speak Italian, Greek, Filipino, and Hindi among many others. Cultural and religious understanding is important too.

The personality and behaviour of the carers are also crucial. Here are some of the important questions asked when finding the right caregiver:

  • Are you more comfortable with someone who will do their job with minimal interaction or someone that’s always open to a friendly chat?
  • Do you need someone who’s always encouraging you to do more throughout the day such as rehab exercises?
  • Or do you prefer someone who is gentle and caring that can follow the lead?

Testimonials from some happy clients and caregivers

Huguette was born in Nice, France, and she came to Australia with her parents as a child. She has a cheeky sense of humour and a zest for life. Huguette was one of the first people to teach homemade ice cream making skills in Australian kitchens.

“Hania fits very well. She just does what I need by herself and thinks outside the square.” – Huguette.

“I don’t feel like I’m a carer. I feel like I’m just here as a friend and someone to help. Huguette sometimes helps me too. I’ve got several new recipes to try.” – Hania, Caregiver.

A few years ago Adrian had a stroke, leaving him in need of support. Adrian’s family sought the help of Ashley, an Absolute Care & Health caregiver who has been a part of their home for almost a year.

“He’s just so professional in my book and he has such a lovely, outgoing way that you’ve got to take to Ashley.” – Adrian’s mother.

“I can have a hard day now and go home and know I’ve still made a difference and that’s the best part.” – Ashley, Caregiver

What if things don’t work out with my selected caregiver?

After reviewing and selecting caregivers, we talk to you and your relatives about who we have in mind. You’re given access to information on the caregiver such as their experience and their background.

If things are not running smoothly with an assigned caregiver, we’ll have a discussion with them to find out why it’s not working out. The issue could be something that’s easy to fix such as a change in the way they approach something. A simple change can get your relationship with the caregiver back on track. If the situation calls for an immediate change in caregiver, then this can be done quickly and easily.

No one is locked into a contract, so the arrangements between the caregiver and you are always flexible. We can also introduce secondary caregivers to ensure you receive the right level of care no matter the situation. Having a regular group of caregivers can make it easier to adjust to one in case the other is unwell or on a period of leave.

Contact us to find out more

We offer in-home care services such as domestic support, after hospital care, respite care, palliative care, comprehensive care and dementia care.

Our phones are attended to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week every day of the year. We can provide an immediate in-home response whether it be transport, light duties errands or even wound management.

Telephone: 03 9827 8899
Email: [email protected]

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