What Is Companion Care?

Our home is our castle, a safe sanctuary filled with treasured memories and the creature comforts that make us feel at ease. That’s why most people want to continue living independently in their own home for as long as possible.

As people get older, we need to make sure all our needs are being met, including our need for companionship and social interactions.

That’s why companion care is such an important part of our in-home care services. As the name suggests, companion care involves one of our professional caregivers visiting you at home on a regular basis, to provide companionship and an extra helping hand around the house where needed. More than just a listening ear, the regular social contact provided by our caregivers can also boost your health and general wellbeing.

Do you have any questions about companion care? Get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help.

How companion care works

Once you contact us about our in-home care services, we’ll sit down with you and your loved ones to discuss your current health status, living arrangements, and lifestyle goals. This is called an at-home care assessment. An important part of this assessment is gauging the level of care you require, which varies significantly from person to person.

Once your individual needs have been established, you will then be matched with one of our professional caregivers who’ll visit you on a regular basis at home. They can help with everything from light housekeeping tasks, accompanying you to social events, preparing delicious meals, routine shopping, and getting around in the community.

How it fits into your in-home care plan

When you choose in-home care with Absolute Care & Health, you can also decide which type of assistance you require, informed by the results of your at-home care assessment. If you decide companion care is the right option for you, these services will be covered as part of your care plan, which can be funded in one of two ways.

First there’s private funding – whereby you (or your family) pay directly for the care provided, as much or as little as required. The second option is a Home Care Package – whereby the federal government will cover some or all of the costs of your care.

How companion care can benefit you

As social creatures, humans thrive on regular interaction with others and a strong sense of connection with the wider community. Getting older and losing some physical mobility can hinder our ability to maintain these connections. This is where companion care can make the biggest difference, by keeping you company, while offering practical support to venture out of the house to visit friends and stay engaged with the community.

  • Alleviates loneliness: Keeping you company and enhancing your connections with family, neighbours, and the wider community is one of the key benefits of in-home care more broadly and companion care specifically. Simply by visiting you on a regular basis, our friendly caregivers will offer a listening ear and a chat.
  • Maintain health and wellbeing: Staying connected to others has also been proven to enhance our physical health, which is another benefit you’ll enjoy from our companion care services. We can also help you leave the house for a visit to the park or the shops.
  • Keeping your regular routine: On a more practical note, we can help you maintain your regular routine, such as visits to the supermarket for grocery shopping, visiting friends, participating in social events, or appointments with doctors. Routine gives our lives structure and a sense of purpose, something we can help you continue.
  • Home sweet home: Finally, we’ll assist you with everyday domestic duties, including cleaning, laundry and general housekeeping. We all know home is where the heart is, so we’ll help you keep it beautiful and clean.

Get in touch about companion care today

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