What’s Included In After Hospital Care?

What’s Included in after hospital care?

A long stay in hospital, especially following a surgery or a serious illness or injury, can be a disorienting experience. Whether you’re old or young, you’ll need to reacquaint yourself with the surroundings of your home and neighbourhood, as well as readjusting to your regular daily routine.

In the meantime, the important recovery process needs to continue uninterrupted. For these reasons, you may wish to consider the benefits of after hospital care in helping you get back on your feet again, regain your confidence and make a full recovery.

What is after hospital care?

Also known as ‘transition care’, after hospital care is an in-home service provided by a qualified professional caregiver who will assist you with the process of returning to your home following formal discharge from hospital.

As one of our main services, our caregivers will work directly with your doctors and other healthcare professionals involved in your treatment. They will ensure you’re not only ready to return to your normal daily routine in the comfort of your own home, but will also actively assist you with everyday tasks – such as cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping and attending appointments.

The federal government’s My Aged Care website describes after hospital care in the following way:

“Transition care is for… people who have been in hospital, but need more help to recover and time to make a decision about the best place for them to live in the longer term. Transition care may be provided either in your own home or in a ‘live-in’ setting”

After hospital care can be ongoing or for a specific period of time only. It all depends on you and your personal preferences.

  • After hospital care helps you transition to living independently in your own home after a stay in hospital
  • After hospital care is provided by our professional caregivers who will assist you with daily tasks
  • They will also keep you company and provide general companionship
  • After hospital care can be ongoing or for a limited period of time
  • The ultimate goal is to help you stay in your own home

Help and companionship as you recover

Everyone is different, so your after hospital care plan will be unique and tailored to meet the challenges of your specific health conditions, recovery requirements, daily habits and lifestyle goals. Our caregivers are also selected with your direct input, to match your personality.

Generally speaking, after hospital care is divided into two main areas. The first focus is assisting you with those day to day tasks you may need a little extra help completing, as well as getting you back on track to help manage them yourself as much as possible. The second is focused on your overall wellbeing as a person.

Here are some of the more common tasks our professional caregivers at Absolute Care & Health perform for clients:

Daily household tasks

  • Help with showering, toilet visits, and personal grooming
  • Gardening and light home maintenance tasks
  • Household cleaning, including laundry and dishes
  • Meal preparation and cooking
  • Help with grocery shopping

General Health and Wellbeing

  • Providing companionship and someone to talk to
  • Accompanying you to medical appointments and other scheduled events
  • Assisting with mobility around the house
  • Assisting with home modifications and operating medical equipment

How long can I receive after hospital care?

Once again it all depends on your specific circumstances and personal preferences. Some of our clients require daily, overnight, or 24 hour care for several months following their return home. Others only require intensive assistance for the first week following discharge, and just a few hours per week afterwards, and may only need minimal help with cleaning or shopping for a short time.

The important thing to know is the care is available as long as you need it to get back on your feet again and remain in your own home!

What are the additional benefits and features?

Absolute Care & Health are registered TAC (Transport and Accident Commission) providers. This means we can provide government funded, ongoing in-home care services to Victorians who have suffered injury or disability from a serious road accident.

We also provide palliative care for clients with a terminal illness who’ve been discharged from hospital and who wish to live their remaining days in the comfort of their own home. This is achieved through thoughtful help and support.

Through our close relationship with many hospitals around Melbourne, we’ll make sure you’re supported and in the best position to regain your quality of life.

Contact us to find out more

Interested in our after hospital care services and would like to find out more? Contact our friendly staff today for a chat or visit our after hospital care page. We’d love to hear from you and we’re always happy to help!

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