What the increased aged care funding means for you

Absolute Care & Health on 21 September 2018

The 2018 Australian Federal Budget included $1.6 billion in aged care funding for Home Care Packages over four years. Here is what this increased aged care funding means at a glance:

  • 14,000 new Home Care Packages by 2022

  • The new packages provide high funding amounts, levels 3 and 4

  • There will be a total of 74,000 Home Care Packages available by 2022

Keep reading for more information about what these changes will mean for you, or find out how we can help you with Home Care Packages.

What this means for you

man with nurse home care packages

There are 14,000 new Home Care Packages becoming available between 2018 and 2022, or 3,500 per year. As supply increases, you will be able to receive your Home Care Package sooner.

"We are very pleased that these additional high-level Home Care Packages are being made available. We have a number of clients on level 1 or 2 Packages who have actually been assessed as requiring level 3 or 4 care." – Madryn Sanderson, Absolute Care & Health External Relations Director

As the Australian population ages, an increase in aged care funding is sorely needed. At any given time, there is a limited number of Home Care Packages available, which means there is a waiting list.

As of 2018, there are over 100,000 people on the waiting list for Home Care Packages. There is also a large number of people who are currently receiving lower levels of funding (levels one and two) even though they are eligible for higher funding levels (levels three and four) because there are not enough high-level packages available.

The additional Home Care Packages which will become available between 2018 and 2022 will relieve some of the pressure on the current waiting list. However, more people apply for Home Care Packages every year, so the increased aged care funding may only prevent the waiting list from getting longer, rather than making the waiting list shorter.

"It is clear that the vast majority of people on the waiting list are not going to receive one of these new packages and will have to continue to wait, in many cases for years, to get the care they need and deserve."  

Home Care Packages at a glance

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Home Care Packages give you a set amount of funding for your aged care services. The packages are designed to pay for the care you need to continue living independently and safely in your own home.

There are four funding levels available for home care packages:

  • Level 1 – $8,270 per year

  • Level 2 – $15,045 per year

  • Level 3 – $33,076 per year

  • Level 4 – $50,286 per year

The more care services you need, the higher the funding amount you will be eligible for. Read more about how Home Care Package funding works.

What to do next

If you think you're eligible for a Home Care Package, you can apply for aged care funding through the government's My Aged Care website. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will receive a Home Care Package. We can also help you understand your eligibility and support you through the application process. Find out more about your eligibility for a Home Care Package.

If you have already applied for a Home Care Package, and you're on the waiting list, you just need to wait for a package to become available. The new packages should reduce your waiting time. In the meantime, you can still receive the care services you need through private funding. See all the in-home care services we provide here.

You should also be aware that you have the right to choose your care provider and you can change providers at any time. Find out more about changing providers.

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