Caring For Elderly Parents Yourself vs Professional In-Home Care

Seeing our parents get older can be difficult, and choosing the best type of care for them can be even more difficult. There are many things you and your parents need to consider when choosing the right kind of care.

Thinking back to how much our parents have done for us over the years, we naturally want to do all we can to ensure they enjoy a comfortable retirement. However, with our own households to run and jobs to do, many of us will face the delicate decision of caring for elderly parents at home, placing them in a residential aged care home, or seeking the extra assistance of professional in-home care.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s experience as a carer is unique, and there is extra help available should you or your parents need it.

  • It’s normal to feel a range of emotions as our parents age
  • Extra help is available to care for your parents
  • Many people face the decision of caring for elderly parents at home or using professional services

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How to take care of elderly parents yourself: Key things to consider

Caring for elderly parents at home is a big decision, which leaves you with many things to consider. Similarly, there are many factors to weigh up when choosing an alternative—such as seeking professional in-home care or placing your parent into residential aged care. Some of these key considerations include:

Their health

The most crucial factor you’ll need to take into consideration when deciding if you can provide adequate care to an elderly parent is their current physical and mental health. You need to get an understanding of your parents’ needs and whether or not they need professional care services.

Their daily activities

Whether it’s a brisk morning walk around the local park or a regular Wednesday evening pub night with friends, keeping your elderly parents active and engaged is key to maintaining their quality of life. Working out how you can fit these important activities into your schedule is something to keep top of mind. Perhaps you need a little extra help just a few days a week?

Their living arrangements

Does your parent live alone? Are you living in a nearby neighbourhood or further away? Are you able to live with them or maintain separate residences? Your family’s living arrangements are another key thing to consider when informing your decision on whether to seek in-home care.

Your finances

Finally, don’t overlook your own financial situation and capacity to pay for their care. Perhaps your parents set up a family trust to cover their retirement years or maybe you’ve been saving up yourself—bear in mind you might also be eligible for different forms of federal government funding, including the Carer AllowanceCarer Supplement, or a Home Care Package.

Lifestyle goals when caring for elderly parents at home

If you’re caring for elderly parents at home, you need to consider and help them achieve their lifestyle goals. What do they enjoy doing and how can you help them do it? You should also keep in mind the essential Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL).

Activities of Daily Living

  • Getting into and out of bed
  • Showering
  • Personal hygiene
  • Dressing
  • Eating and drinking
  • Moving around the house

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

  • Cooking and preparing meals
  • Walking and exercising
  • Shopping
  • Social activity

How in-home care can give you extra support when you need it

Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, you simply need a break from your carer duties. Whether it’s a shortage of time due to other responsibilities, like work or raising kids, or you’d like some quality time to unwind from the demands of modern life.

At Absolute Care & Health, we can give you and your family the extra support you need—when you need it. Our professional, compassionate caregivers can make a big difference with a tailored approach to your unique lifestyle and preferences. This ranges from domestic support to help with common day-to-day tasks to respite care to offer you a short break, or palliative care for ongoing emotional support and companionship.

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