The Virtues Of Art As Therapy

Suzie, 49, has been drawn to arts and crafts since she was a child — it’s always been close to her heart. She’d spend her days making dolls clothes, Christmas decorations, and drawing alongside her sisters. After high school, Suzie took a pottery course and fell in love with ceramics and, later, mosaics.

Living with a disability at home with her family, Suzie uses a wheelchair to get around. Four years ago, Suzie met Carolyn, an art therapist and occupational therapist who is using art as part of Suzie’s program.

“When I do arts and crafts, it takes me to a happy place. I feel calm and relaxed,” said Suzie.

“It helps me to focus and forget about the hard things in my life — like pain, or worrying about my health. This year, when I was in hospital, I couldn’t wait to come home and get back to my art days with Carolyn.”

At-home care supports for Suzie

Suzie came to Absolute Care & Health via the NDIS, who introduced her to her carer, Rakhi. It was the first time Suzie’s family used a personal carer, Suzie’s sister, Felicity, explained.

“It was a big thing for us, introducing a stranger into our family home. It was important for Rakhi to connect with Suzie, but also for us to build a relationship with her. Rakhi has become a great support to everyone in the family,” Felicity said.

Rakhi is also tapping into Suzie’s creativity and passion for creating art.

“Rakhi and I do lots of different things when she comes once a week. We make and create things together, stitch blankets, knit, make felt projects, and we also do some household things. I really like her company,” said Suzie.

“I know I can rely on Rakhi to support my art — she helps get tools for me while I’m working on a project.”

Inspiring Art exhibition

Earlier this year, Absolute Care & Health hosted Inspiring Art, an exhibition featuring the work of some of its clients; artists who have experienced illness, disability, injury or other major life events. The event was an opportunity to showcase Suzie and other clients’ artwork and shine a light on the value of art therapy.

“I invited Rakhi to my art show and she came — I just loved that she was there for me. I felt so proud and special,” said Suzie.

Absolute Care & Health is a leading provider for at-home care services and supports. We’re a registered NDIS provider, with a team of warm and caring support workers. We work with you to find the right support worker who will match your goals and supports, as outlined in your NDIS plan.

At Absolute Care & Health, we’re passionate about providing in-home care supports for those with an NDIS plan. Find out more about the kinds of supports and services we offer, and how to access them.

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