Your Guide To Understanding Home Care Packages

What are Home Care Packages and how do they work?

Home Care Packages are a government funding programme designed to help people continue living independently in their homes.

If you need support to continue living in your home independently, you may be eligible for a funding package to pay for professional care services. Apply through the My Aged Care website or call 1800 200 422 to get started.

Their availability

It’s a good idea to apply sooner rather than later as there is a limited number of Home Care Packages. This means you may need to wait for a package to become available, even after you’ve been approved. How long you wait also depends on your level.

4 funding levels are available

The amount of funding you receive depends on how much extra care you need to keep living in your home. The funding levels are:

  • Level 1: $10,271.10*
  • Level 2: $18,063.85*
  • Level 3: $39,310.50*
  • Level 4: $59,593.55*

*The government contribution changes on 1 July every year; these figures are up to date as of 1 July 2023.

The funds are paid directly to your care provider. The more care you need, the more funding you will receive.

Provider fees

Care providers set their own fees on top of the cost of providing your care. Provider fees are paid from your Home Care Package funds, so make sure you choose a care provider with low fees.

Your contribution

The government expects you to pay some contribution to your Home Care Package amount. This includes a Basic Daily Fee and an Income Tested Fee, which may or may not apply to you.

You can choose your provider

Choose a provider you trust and make sure you check their fees. You can also change providers at any time.

In-home care perfectly matched to you

At Absolute Care & Health, we can provide your Home Care Package with the sensitivity you need. We provide high-quality care in the way that suits you best, and we keep fees to an absolute minimum.

Call us for a chat on 03 9827 8899

*If you’re a part pensioner or self funded retiree, you may be asked to contribute some of this amount. Full pensioners do not pay an income-tested contribution. For more details, please contact us.

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