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Home Care Packages Costs

Home Care Packages funding and costs explained

What is it?

Home Care Packages provide four different funding levels depending on the amount of care you need. There are also costs and fees associated with Home Care packages which can be confusing, so we're here to help you understand all the relevant information.

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Home Care Packages costs explained

Here's what you need to know about funding levels and Home Care Package costs you may need to pay if you receive a Home Care Package.

Funding level Care needs Approximate funding amount
Level 1 Basic care needs $8,270
Level 2 Low-level care needs $15,045
Level 3 Intermediate care needs $33,076
Level 4 High-level care needs $50,286

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Home Care Package contributions and fees

Depending on your situation, you may need to contribute some of the following to your total Home Care Package funding amount:

Basic Daily Fee

The amount, 17.5% of the basic pension amount, which the government expects you to contribute to your care when your receive government funding. You contribute this on top of your total package amount and it is currently $10.10 per day.

Income Tested Fee

A contribution you will need to make to your total package amount if you are a self-funded retiree or a part-pensioner. Full pensioners do not pay this.

Provider fees

Care providers may charge additional fees for administration and management. These come out of your total package amount. Always compare fees when you choose your care provider.

Absolute Care & Health vs other providers

At Absolute Care & Health, we keep our fees as low as possible because we believe you should use your income for things which bring you joy.

Here's an example of a level 3 package and how different providers use your Home Care Package funds:

Provider Funding amount Set-up fee Administration fee Case management fee Exit fee Amount remaining Care hours available*
Absolute Level 3
$0 15%
$0 $28,115 525 hours per year or 10 hours per week
Provider B Level 3
$0 10%
$250 $22,903 438 hours per year or 8 hours per week
Provider C Level 3
$200 15%
$700 $17,492 335 hours per year or 6 hours per week

*Calculated at our rate of $53.50 per hour for a qualified Personal Caregiver.

The process for new clients

We can help you get started with a government home care subsidy. Here's the process for new clients getting set up with government funding:

Find out more about Home Care Packages

For more information about how Home Care Packages funding works, download our information pack. It has all the information you need in one place.


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