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Changing Providers

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How to switch your Home Care Package provider

We're here to make things simple for you. Watch our video for a full guide to switching your provider in less than two minutes.

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How to change your Home Care Package provider

Changing your in-home care provider is easy and we can help you with the whole process if you'd like. Get in touch with us or find out how you change providers:


Step 1

Tell your current provider

You need to tell your existing provider that you want to change to a new provider. You also need to agree on a date for the final time they will provide care for you, called a 'cessation date'.


Step 2

Tell My Aged Care

My Aged Care needs to know you're changing providers. Let them know you're changing and that you want to reactivate your 'Unique Referral Code' so you can give the code to your new provider.


Step 3

Start with your new provider

Finally, you need to enter a Home Care Agreement with your new provider and they will start providing your care. Any unspent funds in your Home Care Package will move with you to your new provider.

Remember: Some care care providers have minimum notice periods or exit fees when you change providers. Check your Home Care Agreement or ask your current provider to find out if these apply to you.

We can help you switch providers

If you want to change to Absolute Care & Health as your care provider, we can help you with every step of the process. Here's what we do to help:

  • Support you in your conversations with your current provider and make sure you understand your Home Care Agreement.
  • Liaise with your current provider on your behalf, with your permission.

Feeling comfortable and confident with your care provider is essential for your peace of mind and wellbeing. We do everything we can to do that for you.

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Get the process started

If you're ready to get started with changing your care provider, we're ready to lend a hand. Get in touch with us and we'll help you get the ball rolling.

Get in touch

Find out more about our home care services

For more information about how we do things, download our information pack. It has everything you need to know about who we are and what we do.


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