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The Benefits of Pet Therapy for Elderly

We all know what pets do to us. They provide the best companionship when we are down and alone, they share our joys and triumphs when we are happy. Our little mood booster, our warmest best friend. But do you know that spending time with pets can be a form of therapy? If you have

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7 Fun Activities For Dementia Patients To Keep Them Engaged

We’ve all heard it before – that keeping your mind active and engaged can help prevent dementia in the later years. But what about for those who are already suffering from dementia? A person with dementia can feel isolated and confused – even in the company of family and friends. This can cause them to

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Understanding Younger Onset Dementia

Living with dementia is difficult, and it can have a huge impact on your lifestyle. If you start experiencing symptoms of dementia at a younger age, it can have a profound effect on the plans you’ve made for your life and your future, as well as your close relationships.  At Absolute Care & Health, we provide

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Understanding The Differences Between Dementia And Alzheimer’s

A common question many people ask when they’re thinking about ageing is what are the differences between dementia and Alzheimer’s? Both these conditions are usually experienced later in life but can sometimes affect younger people. What’s important to keep in mind before we discuss each in more detail, is that regardless of whether you or a

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How To Detect The Early Signs Of Dementia

Dementia can present big challenges for us and our loved ones as we advance in age. While most people associate dementia with the gradual loss of memory over time, there’s a few other tell-tale symptoms to keep an eye out for. By keeping on top of these symptoms, you’ll be in a good position to

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How To Best Prepare For Caring For Your Parent

Caring for someone you love, is one of the most meaningful and generous things a person can do, but it is certainly not without its challenges. The relationship takes on a brand-new dynamic especially when it involves an ill or elderly parent. There’s the obvious emotional angst that comes with having to see your parents

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