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Home Equity Release

Your home equity can help you keep living there

How can I use the value in my home to pay for my care?

Do you need additional care beyond what your Home Care Package provides or what you can afford with your regular income, but you absolutely do not want to sell your home and go into a residential nursing home?

You can use the equity in your home to provide you with the funds you need without going into debt and without taking out a reverse mortgage.

You can do this without any risk of losing ownership of your home or being forced to leave your home before you choose to sell it or it passes to your estate. Your home remains yours and you continue living there as long as you want.

Essentially, you sell a percentage of the future sale proceeds of your home. A bit like down-sizing without leaving your home.

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What is Homesafe Wealth Release?

Homesafe Wealth Release is the home equity release product which we recommend to our clients. We have no affiliation with Homesafe and include this information only because we believe it is a fair product which offers security and guarantees. Homesafe Wealth Release is not a reverse mortgage or a loan, and there is no capitalising interest.

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We recommend:

You should get independent financial or legal advice from a professional if you are considering this option or any other equity release provider.

The process for new clients

If you're interested in using a home equity release to help fund your care, we can help get the process started. Our process for new clients is:

Find out more about in-home care

Our information pack has all the information you and your family need. Check it out for more information need about our in-home care services.


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