Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more


Helping people stay active in their communities

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Lead an active life

If you need help with tasks like:

Then you might find our community access services useful.

Our focus is on empowering the people we work with to take part in an active social life and strengthen connections to community.

Social support services

We’re here to help you participate in the community, whether you’re working, studying, or just catching up with friends.

Finding the best support worker

Social support is all about building and maintaining good relationships. That should start with the relationship between you and your caregiver! Your personal preferences are important to us, and we take them into account, considering things like:

An active life in the community starts at home

There are many household activities that are necessary to support an active social life. In addition to helping you with mobility, we can assist with tasks around the home to help you get ready.

For example:

Health and wellbeing

You’ve got people to see and places to go, and our care team can help see to it that you’re fit to take on the day’s challenges. We can assist with:

Whether you need help with social supports once a day, or once a week, we can help you with caring support workers perfectly suited to your NDIS plan.

Find out more about social support services. Call us on 03 9827 8899

“Adrian doesn’t have a bad social life, he does better than me! He goes out twice a week with Ashley for hydrotherapy. Adrian is an avid artist, with work to be featured at his art school in an exhibition.”

Gloria and Ted

Learn all about our community access services

We’ve put together an information pack about all of our social services. Find out more about all the services we provide that will help to keep you active in the community.

Contact us about our social supports

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